865160572Pay with debit or credit cards

You can now make your payments using debit or credit cards. You can come into our branch to make the payment–or make the payment over the phone!

Quarterly or Annual Statements?

If you wish to continue receiving Quarterly Statements, please contact the credit union staff. If you do not contact the CU, you will only receive an annual statement.


Reloadable Debit Cards…

Our prepaid debit cards carry the VISA logo on the front of the card and are personalized with your name.  You can add funds to the card at any time.  In addition to the 20 million VISA locations worldwide where the cards are accepted, the reloadable cards also work at ATMs and merchants anywhere you see the Plus or Interlink (pin-based Point of Sale (POS))

The card is loaded directly from your account, but IS NOT tied to your account.

There is an initial fee of $2.50 for the purchase of the card.  A $ 2.00 monthly service charge includes unlimited Signature and PIN POS merchant transactions.  ATM withdrawals are $1.50 with denied transactions at 50 cents.  Load fees are $1.00.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Give the gift card that is accepted at all merchants that accept VISA. These are absolutely the perfect gift! Price of each card is $2.50. Several styles are available.